If you are doing business in, exporting to, or importing from Mexico, consider hiring our law firm.  With an office in Mexico City and contacts throughout the US-Mexico border, we are able to direct you on legal compliance, get you out of legal trouble with the authorities, or advance and defend your interests against another company or individual through litigation. 


The North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) provides great opportunities to manufacturers, importers, and exporters.   Import duties or tariffs have been greatly reduced or eliminated for a great many items that can be traced back to the USA, Mexico, or Canada, but the requisite legal procedures and documentation  can be complex.  

Our law firm provides the training and assistance our clients need to navigate and take full advantage of NAFTA.  We also assist our clients to figure out the best way to source or tariff engineer merchandise to quality for NAFTA.  

Because NAFTA reduces their collection of import duties, the governments of Mexico, USA, and Canada carefully and thoroughly audit companies to make sure that their NAFTA claims are valid.  These audits are called NAFTA verifications and can result in a company having to pay millions of dollars in back-owed duties.  We defend our clients from overreaching by government officials during a NAFTA verification and fight against the levying of additional customs duties.